03 August 2007

Flight Observataions/Observations made during the Flight

These are listed in no particular order. When you travel, you are tired, you are expectant and you think all sorts of silly things. Here is a list of the observations I made, however trivial, during my trip to North Carolina to visit my family.

1. I do not like matching quilted bags and therefore can see why husbands dislike carrying their wives' purses.
2. I am intrigued and horrified by this brand of traveller one might label the "Florida/California" shopper. This profile would include the following details: strong perfume, "still" hair (which has been styled regardless of departure time), brightly colored shoes (or sometimes gold or silver) that can only be worn with matching outfits purchased at the same time and designer labeled luggage, purse and other travel itmes.
3. Movie lore haunts me as I imagine my elbow smashed by the beverage cart ("The Wedding Singer"), the first class/coach dilemma and what to wear on the plane idea ("Seinfeld") and the persons willing to assist in the event of an emergency landing issue ("Curb Your Enthusiasm").
4. People will buy anything at 33,000 feet up. If you don't believe me, check out Skymall.com where you can buy anything from a "Flytech radio control dragonfly (the world's first flying winged robotic insect) for only $49.95." If this doesn't appeal to you, you can select a linteater wand that allows you to probe your dryer tubing to eliminate a fire hazard, all for only $29.99. Reminiscent of all "As Seen on TV" and QVC products and ads, the catalogue provides entertainment (at the very least) for those who haven't brought their own for the flight.
5. Everybody owns, carries and uses at least one elctronic device and usually multiple items at once. This can be a cell phone, ipod, palm pilot, laptop, gameboy or whathaveyou.
6. You begin to realize after they've given their safety procedures that in the event of an emergency, you have now idea how to turn your seat into a flotation device or how to unattach the life vests from under you seat!
7. There is an odd understanding between you and the people you ride inches away from. You almost feel like you should use a library voice whenver you talk so as not to disturb those around you who are also using their library voices. As the beverage/snack cart arrives, you find yourself whispering, "I'll have the peanuts and a ginger ale please."
8. People at airports do NOT walk fast nor do they run if in a hurry; they don't talk to people around them to get out of the way; and they are, for some reason, confused about observing a right/left right of way situation (flow of traffic). Due to the unorganized difficulties, peoplea re walking in the strangest patterns oblivious to others and awkwardly pushing through.
9. You will never see more "hard stares" or get more abrupt customer service than at the airport.
10. Airports provide people rich and ample "people watching opportunities."
11. Technology advances are most easily observed here. I'm sure that airport terminals were the first to test out the "automated sensor flushes (toilets), sinks and now paper towel dispensers. Today I experienced a new (although it can be disputed if its improved) form=a rolodex of disposable seat covers. Wave your hand and a new one is applied . Strange, disconcerting and fascinating at the same time.

That is all for now. Arriving tired, with too much coffee and a little disheveled, my observations came to a screeching halt as I gathered my luggage and made my way to meet my family and sleep in Boone, N.C.

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