06 May 2007

A Little Bit Of Something

Hello out there dear friends & family.

Admittedly keeping up 3 separate blogs, running a household, caring for two doggies, getting ready to remodel my house, singing at my church and teaching are not all taking top priority right now. For those of you who still read my blog (probably only me), I think of you often when I drive home staring at puffy clouds or a rain-soaked windshield. Do you wonder if I'm still writing? Do you read my blogs? I read yours!

So, here we go with a little bit of stuff in summary of what has been going on lately. This last few months has been really stressful and full of major financial decisions. It all started a few weeks before Spring Break and we had to get the brakes on both of our vehicles fixed....then the washingmachine broke......then our refrigerator broke (and we had to pick out all new appliances for preparing for our remodel).....my dog Eleanor got a tumor on her ear and had to have surgery and my other dog Ethel had giardia (lots of trips outside, need I say more?). School has been keeping me extremely busy between application letters for next year, planning and grading, subbing, proctoring the WASL and after-school meetings. In light of all the craziness there are some things in life that help me to keep my head up and stay positive even though it seems like there has been a lot going on.

A Short but Sweet List of Things to Keep Me Sane:
  1. Good Friends (they are out there, they just don't leave comments)
  2. Great Dogs (Even though they've needed extra attention their sprits haven't withered)
  3. Great Art (our high school had their annual art show of work by students, very inspiring)
  4. Good Messages at Church
  5. Cleaning House (inside and outside...we got rid of some unused things in the attic and cleaned out some weedy beds in the front yard....still more of that but we're on our way)
  6. Planning for our Addition (house)- It is fun to think about having a little more storage space to live in and preparing for having space for a family too.
  7. Surprises (well if I told you who they were for then it would ruin it all...you'll just have to wait and see).
  8. Springtime (It is raining right now but intermittently there are beautiful days, lovely round clouds, rainbows and tons of new growth and greenness to pave my way to and from work).
  9. Great jobs (My husband has been very successful in his business this year and that is always exciting for both of us).
  10. Poetry (April is national poetry month- I've been going through a program by Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate, called 180 days of poetry to inspire high schoolers to be exposed to more poetry in their lives). Reading Billy's work and listening to a cd that I checked out from our public library has reawakened the desire for me to write poetry. Also, Tony Curtis a poet from Ireland came to visit our school and left a great impression upon my students and I.

Thank you for still reading my blog. There is more to add both good and bad but I'll have to save that for a post for later. Have a great week.

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